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Introducing the FACT members

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FACT Members



The current membership of FACT consists of more than thirty organisations, all of whom have a key interest in the wellbeing of families and children residing in Tasmania, including families and children at risk, and children and young people residing in out of home care. The FACT Peak Body provides a vital platform for discussing opportunities, shared concerns and objectives relating to increased family wellbeing in Tasmania. 

As a member of FACT,  you have the opportunity to stand alongside your peers and become part of a collective voice advocating for the wellbeing of children, young people and their families. FACT works closely with the Tasmanian Government and the Community Sector Peaks' Network to ensure effective advocacy and policy development. 

FACT offers two types of memberships, including Corporate Membership which is at an organisational level, and Associate Membership which is available for individuals that have an interest in the sector.

Become a Member



Non-Government organisations that provide services focusing on the wellbeing of families and children in Tasmania are encouraged to apply for full corporate membership.  The FACT corporate members are entitled to nominate a representative for election to FACT's Board as well as vote at general meetings and be involved in working committees. 


We encourage you to take up membership with FACT by completing a membership application which can be accessed by clicking on the attachment button. Please email your completed membership form to Alternatively please call us on 0438 838 948. 


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